My Night Time Skincare Routine

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So I have been using these products for over a year now for my night time skincare routine. Speaking of skincare, it's so important to take care of your skin, whether you are young or old. For me it's therapeutic to take off my makeup each night, wash my face, and apply moisturizer and lotion. It's my night time ritual and it makes me extremely happy to go to bed with a fresh face, and waking up to a fresh face. 

The Steps:
1. First thing I do is take off my makeup with Clinique's Take The Day Off makeup remover. It's so gentle and probably is the best eye makeup remover I'ver ever used. I also used it to take off my entire face of makeup because everything slides off when I use this makeup remover.

2. Next, I would wash my face with Origin's GinZing face scrub. You can use this in the morning to wake you up or at night, like I do, but try to use exfoliating facial scrubs 2-3 times a week only. This scrub is gentle and has a light citrusy scent is so therapeutic for me. It smells AMAZING!  It has natural exfoliating beads made of tangerine peels, so it's definitely eco-friendly unlike the plastic exfoliating beads that could harm many animals (that eat it by accident) and our mother nature. One days when I don't exfoliate my skin, I use the Simple facial wash, which is gentle and does not have exfoliating beads.

3. After washing my face, I would take a cotton pad and soak it up with Clinique's Clarifying Lotion (#2 for dry to normal skin type). Depending on what your skin type is, you might have to use a different number for your clarifying lotion (1 for very dry to dry, 2 for dry to normal, 3 for oily, 4 for very oily). It acts like a toner, but it clarifies and really cleans your skin. It takes off the dirt and extra makeup that your makeup remover couldn't take off. Makeup remover and facial wash does not take off ALL of your makeup, so it's important to go the extra mile and use a clarifying lotion. This also takes off all of your dead skin cells, leaving your face squeaky clean.

4. The next product I use is the Origin's Make A Difference Plus + moisturizer. I mentioned in a past blog post about this moisturizer. It's a light weight, rejuvenating moisturizer that is in a gel consistency that works well with dry and oily skin types. It has a light but really nice scent, nothing too overwhelming. It feels nice and not sticky whatsoever. I use this every night and every time before I apply my makeup. It keeps me from having dry, patchy skin.

5. The last product I use each night is my Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion for the rest of my body. I also mentioned about this product in my past post. This lotion has aloe and other ingredients that really helps to heal your dry and cracked skin, while locking in the moisture. I always carry a small travel size tube with me in my purse. 

So that's my night time skincare routine! I hope you find this helpful. Let me know in the comment section what products you use for your night time skincare routine; I would love to try new products. 

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great day!


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