DIY Panda Mug | Room Decor Display or Gift Idea

2:37 AM

Hi guys!

Today's DIY project features my awesome Panda Mug! This DIY Panda Mug project is really simple, anyone can do it. Aside from using it for its purpose (a drinking mug), it's a great gift idea and you can even use it as a room decor display piece for your coffee table or your vanity.

I've uploaded the video up on my YouTube channel, but as always, I will list the supplies in my blog.


  • Mug
  • Oil-Based Markers (Black/Red/Pink) 
    • You can use brands such as Painters, Sharpie, Sanford, or Deco. Just make sure you ask the employees at the art supplies store that they work on ceramic cups.
  • A Pencil (Optional)
    • You can skip this if you are confident with your drawing skills, using just the oil-based markers
    • If you mess up and would like to erase the pencil mark, you will need a wet paper towel
  • Scrap sheet of aluminum foil or thick scrap piece of paper (Optional)
    • This is used to get the ink to flow out of the marker. 
  • Oven 
Here is my video tutorial for this Panda Mug: 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you like this DIY Panda Mug project. Let me know in the comments if you are a panda lover!!!

If you decide to make one, please send me a picture of it to my Instagram/Twitter/FB @JuneBeautique)! I would love to feature in my next DIY video! 


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