DIY Moon and Star Pillow (No Sew)

7:00 AM

Hi everyone! 

Here is a new DIY project for you to try. It is a DIY Moon and Star Pillow, a perfect decor piece for your bed. 

Please note that if you know how to sew, then go ahead and sew your moon and star pillow. Sewing it allows you to machine wash it. Another option is to use machine washable fabric glue. 

Also, if you are not old enough to use a hot glue gun or sharp scissors, please ask an adult for help!


➜ 1/2 yard of light yellow fleece fabric
➜ 12 inches of dark yellow fleece fabric
➜ Bulletin Board Poster Paper/Butcher Paper
➜ Scissors
➜ Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks OR Fabric Glue OR Sewing Machine
➜ Fiberfil
➜ Ribbon (thin) - Any color 
➜ Sharpie/Permanent Marker
➜ Ruler 


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