DIY GIANT Pokemon GO Pokeball Pillow

1:19 AM

Hi there! Today we're going to do a DIY Pokemon GO inspired Pokeball Pillow! Yup, you'll learn how to make your own GIANT Pokeball pillow! 

This Pokemon GO inspired Pokeball Pillow makes a room decor piece as well as a great gift, especially for anyone who's a huge Pokemon fan! 

For step-by-step instructions, check out my DIY Pokemon GO Giant Pokeball Pillow video:


- Red/White/Black fabric - 2 yards of red/white fabric & 1/2 yard of black fabric (recommend using fleece fabric) 

- Regular Scissors or Fabric Scissors

- Permanent Markers or Fabric Markers
- Fiberfil (about 40-50 oz)

- Needle

- Thread (recommend using white, black & red)

- Large paper to make cut out . I used bulletin paper.

- Ruler

I hope you'll like this DIY GIANT Pokemon GO Pokeball pillow. Thanks so much for visiting!


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