DIY Starbucks Phone Case - SHAKEABLE!

11:33 PM

Hi there!

So in my previous tutorial, I made a spinning DIY Starbucks phone case. And in this tutorial, we're going to make a DIY Starbucks phone case that SHAKES Yes, a SHAKEABLE DIY Starbucks phone case! Of the two DIY phone cases, I’d have to say this DIY shakeable phone case is my favorite! It’s a great way to spice up your phone case, perfect for any Starbucks lover out there. Btw this makes a great gift for friends & family (or…for yourself~ hehe) Please note that if you don’t like Starbucks Frappuccinos, feel free to make changes. Instead of a spinning Starbucks Frappuccino, you can make a spinning puppy, panda, cupcake, etc. It's your masterpiece so go ahead and make adjustments to make it your own. If you recreate this DIY Starbucks phone case, please share your masterpiece with me via my social media @JuneBeautique! I would love to feature your crafts in my next DIY video tutorial. I hope you enjoyed this DIY Starbucks phone case. Thank you so much for stopping by!~


SUPPLIES: DIY STARBUCKS PHONE CASE ➜ Clear Phone Case: ➜ Glitter Fabric (Mesh Gold): (Hobby Lobby) ➜ Gold Scissors: ➜ Small cutting mat/kit: ➜ Glitter Fabric (Fined): ➜ Plastic Sheet Protector: ➜ Transparent Tape: ➜ Glitter (Purple): ➜ Glitter (Pink): ➜ Paper drinking cup ➜ White cardstock/poster paper: ➜ Green marker: ➜ Iridescent Confetti: (Hobby Lobby) ➜ Double-side Foam Tape: ➜ Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks: ➜ Iridescent Mesh Fabric: (Hobby Lobby)


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