DIY Sticker Book - How to Make an Organizer to Store Your Stickers

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Hi there! In this DIY sticker book tutorial, we'll go over how to make a book organizer to store all of your stickers! This DIY sticker book was inspired by a Sailor Moon sticker book I had as a kid. It's a great way to store and organize all of your stickers, and the best part is that you can move all of your stickers around since the sticker paper is peel-able so that your stickers will come right off. 

If you do give this diy a try, please send me a photo of your diy on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook  @JuneBeautique. I'd love to feature it in my future videos!

➜ Card stock paper (kraft or black) -
➜ Sticker paper (small) -
➜ Sticker paper (large) - 
I recommend folding this large sticker paper in half. You do not need to staple the pages together. You can just pierce the holes along the side of the folded edge of the paper. It's much easier than the small ones!
➜ Gift bag (sturdy/thick paper material) - Daiso
➜ Plier & Eyelet Kit -
➜ Metal Brads -
➜ Paper Trimmer -
➜ Awl (pointy tool)  - 
➜ Mechanical pencil
➜ Hemp Cord from Hobby Lobby or similar here -
➜ Instead of cutting 1 inch circle, you can also use this 1 inch punch -
➜ Decor - washi tapes, stickers, kraft tags, etc. 

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

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