DIY Dollar Tree Home Decor

11:47 AM


Dollar Tree DIY home decor projects were inspired by some high-end home decor pieces that I've seen on Urban Outfitters, Pinterest, and Instagram! These DIY home decor projects are super easy to make, yet they're affordable! I love the way these home decor projects turned out, and how cute they make my room! The mirror and 3x3 shelves are great desk decor for your room, while the moon phases garland will make your wall space look magical~ 

SUPPLIES: ● Circle Mirror - Dollar Tree (in the photo frames section) ● ​Table Runner - Dollar Tree ● ​Star Confetti - Dollar Tree ● ​Gold Scissors - ● ​Permanent Marker - ● ​Super Glue - ● Foil Garland - Dollar Tree ● 9 Wooden Boxes with Drawers - Dollar Tree ● Wood Glue - ● White Acrylic Paint - ● Foam Brushes - ● Sand Paper Blocks (pack of 4) - ● Paper Clips - OR Woodworking clamps


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