How to Make a Clar Pencil Case Using Pressed Flowers (no zipper)

3:40 PM


How to make a DIY clear pencil case using pressed flowers that you make yourself! This DIY clear transparent pencil pouch can be used to store stationery supplies or school supplies. You can also use this clear case as a makeup bag if you'd like. This DIY pencil case is also great handmade gift for your friends and family! Note that you don't have to use Japanese cherry blossoms for this DIY pencil case. You can use other types of flowers for this DIY clear pencil pouch. I recommend using darker pinks or light purple for flower color for this pencil bag. SUPPLIES ● Flowers for pressing (ex: cherry blossoms) ● ​Notebook & Tissue Papers ● PVC Clear Vinyl - ● X-acto: ● Corner Punch: ● Mint ​Cutting Mat/X-acto Set: ● Sharpie Markers: ● Tackey Glue: ● ​Gold Scissors - ● Clothes Iron & Ironing Board ● Hair Straightener - ● Magnetic Clasps - ● Parchment Paper - ● Metal Ruler - ● ​Oven Mitten DISCLAIMER All products linked above are affiliated links, which means that if you purchase from the site, I will get a small commission at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. The commission money I receive will help me to buy more craft materials/supplies so that I can make more DIY projects like this for you! THANK YOU!

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