DIY Beaded Choker Necklaces

12:05 PM

beaded choker necklaces

NOT your average DIY choker necklaces! These bead chokers are wired chokers that are easily adjustable/expandable to fit any neck size, and they're super EASY to make! You can wear individual choker or stack them, it's up to you! I had so much fun making these beaded choker necklaces, playing with different colors and bead types! It's a great way to get the creative juices going - not to mention how therapeutic it is to string the beads. They're super cute and easy to make, I hope you'll give this DIY a try!


● 4mm Beads (set of 2 boxes):

● ​Pink/Gray/White Beads (Hobby Lobby):

● ​Jewelry Pliers Set:

● ​Necklace Memory Wire:

● ​Eye Pins & Jump Rings:

● ​Necklace charms (Hobby Lobby):

● Super Glue -


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